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Communications, Media, & Public Relations Committee

Communication/Media and Public Relations Committee:   Oversees and coordinates all non-journal and non-newsletter-related publications and media projects of IARTC with the approval of the IARTC Board.  Members include regional and national diversity with an eye for talent in content and product development such as webinars, reports, briefs, website and social media content, and online Interest Networks of IARTC.  This committee will need 9-10 members, divided to address website and social media; online product development; and publications and Interest Networks.

Meet The Team

Nikki Hurless, Ph.D., LPC (MO), LPC-Associate (TX), NCC

Dr. Nikki Hurless (she/her) is an assistant professor of counseling at Tarleton State University in Fort Worth, TX. Her research focuses on applying a trauma-informed lens to education, clinical supervision, and the professional development of counselors. She is also a nationally certified counselor (NCC) and EMDR provider in Missouri and Texas. Nikki advocates for improving mental health treatment and access for gender diverse /queer clients and survivors of interpersonal violence.

Nicole Hurless_Headshot.jpeg
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